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ADHD or “Organizationally Challenged”?

If you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, then your medication no doubt helps you with focus and impulse control. But perhaps you still struggle with time management, organization, and self-esteem. These are all signs of Adult ADHD. Even if you are a chaotic planner, a poor listener, and have anger-management issues, you can learn to get these symptoms under control. You don’t need to be caught in a vortex of constantly not living up to expectations and feeling like a loser.

These symptoms are not just ADHD-related. Whether or not you have ADHD or an ADHD diagnosis, you can still be challenged by Executive Functioning Weakness! So what do you do? You hire a highly experienced and certified  Executive Functioning Coach to help you put these issues in your rearview mirror!

Who Can Benefit from ADHD Life Coaching?

Who you are: You want to switch jobs or stop chronic procrastination and lateness, which have been hurting your career and your marriage. Or perhaps you are stressed and feeling overwhelmed due to problems managing your commitments, time, and/or money. The solution, in each case, maybe to team up with an ADHD life coach to help you manage your life, ADHD and all.

Adult ADHD Coaching: Unleash Your Potential and Inner-Innovator

With our adult ADHD Coaching for Adults program, I’ll empower you right from the start. First, my philosophy is that ADD/ADHD is not a deficit/defect. Having this particular type of brain can be an advantage: the ADHD brain is innovative and creative.

Some of the Executive Functioning Skills that we can work together on improving include:

Completely Eliminate Procrastination – For Good!

Conquer Impulsivity

Manage Social Issues (e.g. Blurting, Interrupting, and Inconsiderate behavior)

Manage Your Time and Your Emotional/Physical Energies

Improve Your Memory and Retention

Be “Present” Every Moment of Every Day

Learn to Prioritize

Learn to Manage ‘Hyper-Focus’ to Your Benefit!

Learning Productive Ways to Manage Stress

Be in Control of Your Beautiful and Innovative “Master Brain”!

Make Progress with the Right Executive Function Coach

As one of the 10+ million U.S. adults with ADD, I genuinely understand the challenges of living with ADHD as well as the positive results that can be achieved through coaching. With the help of a great executive functioning skills coach, adult ADHD treatment can change lives. With the right behaviors and coping mechanisms, it’s easier to overcome some of the worst symptoms. Those include distraction, lack of punctuality, untidiness, forgetfulness, failure to meet deadlines, and more.

By practicing these success strategies, performance at work can improve, too. Life at home will become more stable and relaxing. Enrich every important personal relationship. And most importantly, you’ll gain a new level of self-confidence.

Personlaized Adult ADHD Coaching Session Details

1:1 Coaching

Weekly private sessions with Carol Gignoux, a senior certified executive functioning skills coach, in person or via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom


Custom Coaching Plan

Thorough initial intake meeting leading to a proposal with the right strategies to meet your personal goals

Ongoing Support

Professional support between sessions, including check-in via email, for accountability and consistency


Fastest Results in the Industry

Get started today and achieve a better and more fulfilling life!

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